An exciting combination of challenging projects, knowledge sharing, fun activities, fascinating colleagues and attention to your individual needs.

Our Company Culture

The strength of our company lies with its employees. That is why we make it a priority that every employee feels good about themselves. Together we look for a suitable project. On top of these personal touches, we provide a comprehensive salary package.

Knowledge sharing

The knowledge and personality of our consultants is what makes Euricom stand out. Monthly meetups or coding workshops, in which we examine hands-on topics and technologies, is one of the ways in which we encourage knowledge sharing. The variety of specialties amongst our employees ensures that there is always something you can learn from your colleagues, or share your experiences with. If you prefer to learn on an individual basis or at your own pace, then you can do this through various online learning platforms or through our "Read-a-book"policy.


Our customers expect expert developers, which is why we invest in training opportunities for our employees so they can serve the customers at a higher level. In addition to the various external training programs, internal courses are created to make sure that you can develop to your best ability. Euricom organizes a React Bootcamp for which we recruit a small group of skilled people who enjoy 2 months of intensive training. This has proven to be a very productive way of getting inexperienced developers up to the level our customers expect.


Working in a team has many advantages, which is why at Euricom our preference goes to tackling an exciting project with a well-balanced team with a mix of experience, knowledge and personalities. This ensures a nice cross-pollination where everyone can learn something from each other. Scrum or kanban development methods are our preferred ways of working. In addition to your technical backpack, we value your personality and your communication skills very highly. Open communication where regular feedback takes place establishes an environment in which we can grow together. As a company we also organize workshops to work on our social skills and personal development.

Fun events

Because it can't be all work and no play, we also organize numerous teambuilding activities. Monthly Euricom Thunderdays entail fun activity which ends in a pleasant gathering amongst colleagues to chat about hobbies, family or experiences at work. In addition, our employees often organize all kind of fun activities such as board game and gaming events. The icing on the cake is our annual cruise where during 4 days, we combine all the good things Euricom has to offer: knowledge sharing, training, teambuilding and fun at a sunny destination. Eg. Algarve, Andalusia, Tenerife or one of the Greek Islands.

Technical development in a fun and educational environment with great colleagues

Euricom is proud sponsor of the following events and organizations

NG-BE Conference

Euricom is trotse gold sponsor van België‘s Angular conf! Werknemers die interesse hebben, ontvangen uiteraard een ticket.

Qhubeka Charity

Team Dimension Data gelooft dat het schenken van een fiets een mensenleven kan veranderen. Daarom werken we samen met Qhubeka, een goed doel dat mensen in Zuid Afrika helpt mobiliseren.

Techorama Conference

Dit jaar sponsort Euricom ook de jaarlijkse Techorama conferentie. Werknemers die interesse hebben, ontvangen uiteraard een ticket.

Open positions

For students looking for internships, check out our available internships.

If you are interested in working for Euricom we highly encourage you to visit our dutch version where you can find an up to date overview of open positions.

Looking for a new challenge?

If you are interested in any of these positions and/or want to get to know our company culture, do not hesitate to contact us.

Spontaneous application

Feel free to fill in your e-mail, we will contact you for a first open conversation or we invite you to our slack workspace.